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Bring Life to Your Landscape

Native plants are the plants that are growing naturally in your area. Many birds and butterflies are declining in numbers, by planting the milkweed that monarchs depend on; you can help reverse the trend.  By planting native trees and shrubs with berries for the birds, they will flock to your yard.

Where to Get Native Plants

In or close to Bucks County, Pa.

Retail Plant Nurseries

Northeast Native Perennials
Quakertown, Pa.
Phone 215-901-5552
Celebrating our 15th year in business in 2021! We are a small, family-owned grower/retailer nursery specializing in perennials, trees and shrubs native to the Northeastern U.S. We are open to the public Thursdays through Saturdays beginning in mid-April through mid-August. (Hours or purchasing arrangements may vary during Covid-19 pandemic. Please visit our website for accurate details) A listing of our offerings and availability are posted on our website during our open season.

Tree Authority LLC
602 Minsi Trail
Perkasie, Pa. 18944
Tree Authority is owned and operated by ISA certified arborist Hasan Malik. We use best practices to grow strong, healthy trees with virtually no girdling roots, minimal transplant shock and a visible root flare. We grow over 350 varieties of trees, specializing in fruit trees and natives but also carrying a diverse supply of landscape and ornamental trees. All our trees are grown in pots, ranging in size from 5 gallons to 25 gallon. See our availability list with sizes and pricing at

Environmental organizations

Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve
one Spring and one Fall sale New Hope, Pa.
Phone 215-862-2924

Recommended Books for
Native Plant Lovers

  • Nature’s Best Hope by Douglas Tallamy
    His latest book gives specific advice on how to make positive changes in our own yards, and in our communities.
  • Bringing Nature Home by Douglas Tallamy
    A book that explains why native plants. Includes scientific data. Very readable.

  • The Tree Identification Book by George W. D. Symonds
    Paperback book with black and white photos of trees, leaves, fruit, flowers ect.

  • The Shrub Identification Book by George W. D. Symonds
    There are a lot of books on wildflower and tree identification, but not many at all on shrubs. This book fills the gap.

  • Dirr’s Hardy Trees and Shrubs by Dirr
    This book has trees and shrubs that will grow from the east coast to the west coast in the north. It has both native and non native plants, but clearly states where they are native. It has wonderful color photographs.

  • Native Trees, Shrubs and Vines for Urban and Rural America by Gary L. Hightshoe
    This book has only native plants. It includes the entire country. It has a map with each plant that is detailed down to the county. It has black and white drawings instead of color photos. I recommend using with Dirr. It also has many useful lists. For example shrubs that are shade tolerant, trees that are wet tolerant, shrubs that need acid soil ect.

  • American Plants for American Gardens by Edith A. Roberts and Elsa Rehmann
    This book has plant communities. It has all the layers in the natural environment. It has canopy trees, understory trees, shrubs and the herbaceous layer.

  • The New England Wild Flower Society Guide to Growing and Propagating Wildflowers of the United States and Canada by William Cullina
    I use this book every time I create a landscape design. My book is falling apart. It is time to buy another one. The information I use the most in this book is how far apart to plant. Many books tell you how tall plants will grow, but few tell you how wide.

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