Clethra with Bee

Keeping the Bees Going


In various regions around the country, bee populations have been declining. A primary cause of this is habitat loss, which leads to bees not having enough food to survive. However, a bee garden is an excellent way to give bees, which are very important pollinators, the food and environment they need to keep going strong. All of us can do our part to keep bees alive and healthy, and a bee garden is a step in the right direction.

For Beautiful SIghts


Butterfly gardening has become quite a popular hobby, and it’s easy to see why. Being able to see beautiful butterflies fluttering around a garden can bring a lot of joy, making the work put into a butterfly garden very much worth it. Before actually getting the garden set up, it would be beneficial to know what butterflies are common in the area and then finding the right spot to set up the garden itself. For more information about butterfly gardens, read up on how you can attract butterflies to your garden.
Butterfly on vine
Hummingbird with flower

Bright and Colorful Gardens


Hummingbirds can make for interesting visitors, and if they’re something you would like to see more of, a hummingbird garden is a fabulous way to do so. Aside from being visited by these small but wondrous birds, your garden will be full of bright and colorful flowers, which are just the type that hummingbirds favor. Shrubs and trees are also a fine addition, as they can make for good place for the birds to make nests.