Beverly Auvil designed a landscape plan for our back yard to attract birds and butterflies. Boy did it work ! Last summer we had phenomenal activity with these winged creatures. She also suggested and arranged to be built a cedar fence for privacy that works beautifully with the natural landscape. Thank you Beverly!


Beverly did a most comprehensive and professional design for our native plant landscaping. She is a joy to work with and a fount of knowledge!


Thanks for all your help with our landscape design, advice, plants etc. As you know our yard had a problem area that needed help from a professional. Your garden design made the area both attractive to humans and hummingbirds. Adding the trellis to the garage wall and planting a flowering vine to cover it made a bare wall beautiful.​


Beverly Auvil made extensive garden/landscape plans for us a few years ago. I wanted native plants to dominate in order to attract native songbirds, hummingbirds, butterflies, and other pollinators. With her extensive knowledge of plants (especially natives), she introduced me to many new plants. They are thriving and have added to the beauty, enjoyment and privacy of our yard. We all enjoy the entertainment watching the wildlife it’s attracted — even the cat!​


Beverly helped us imagine so much more for our modest garden space that we could have thought. She gladly shared her knowledge, and together, we built a garden that’s become not just a focal point in our yard but in the neighborhood.​


I just had to write and tell you we are enjoying many different birds at the feeder and now we are seeing lots of butterflies. Your design to attract them has paid off and is being enjoyed. Thank-you.

Working with Beverly on my backyard landscape project was a pleasure! I wanted to have native plants that would attract birds, bees and butterflies, as well as some areas of hardscape. We discussed everything… from color scheme and fragrance to practical issues like privacy and maintenance. Beverly’s knowledge of native plants combined with her passion for “green solutions” is a great combination, she can advise you on the benefit of rain gardens, bird houses, raised beds or rainwater barrels! Once she had a first draft of the project, we further discussed changes and finally met with the person doing the hardscape. Coordination was flawless and soon enough my backyard was transformed into a refuge for birds, bees and butterflies, and a perfect place for my leisure time. It is now about a year since Beverly worked on my landscape and I have seen the results. Late in the fall I rescued several black swallowtail butterfly larvae which I kept in my basement as chrysalids and finally saw them fly away as butterflies this spring! It was amazing to release them, and I look forward to watching more this year. As perennials come back and begin to flower, I am already noticing all the pollinators and birds attracted by my plants. It has been great working with Beverly and learning from her! She is the best person you can work with for your native plant landscape design.