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How it Works

The process starts by you calling to set up an appointment with Beverly to meet you at your site.

At the first visit Beverly will look at your site, and listen to your ideas about what you want to accomplish. There is never any fee for this first visit. Once she has seen your site and heard your ideas, she can quote you a design fee. The fee is based on how large the project is and how much detail is required.

A typical design project includes:
2 copies of C.A.D. drawing of your design
Plant list including common and Latin names and how many plants
Color pictures of all recommended trees and shrubs

After the design is completed she can help you find or buy plants if you are going to install the design yourself. If you want the project installed for you, she can give you a quote, and install it for you.

That’s all there is to it. A simple process that will enhance your property and bring you joy for many years to come.

Our Process 2

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You will find examples of stonework, woodwork and plantings.

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Receive a free quote on the first visit. Call Beverly at 215-529-1385 to schedule a time. Beverly will meet you at your property and listen to your ideas. This is the first step to the landscape of your dreams.

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